Expert Credit Control

Is your business racking up unnecessary debts with poor paying customers? Do you hate chasing payment of your invoices? it is time to utilise an experienced credit control service provided by LWS Accountancy.

Avoid bad debts and improve your businesses cash flow by using our credit control services. We send out regular statements of account, chase outstanding debts via telephone, letter and email encouraging your customers to pay your invoices by electronic methods therefore saving you any unnecessary bank charges. This helps ensure that you have a regular cashflow and a healthy bank balance.

Sometimes it’s difficult to pick up the phone and chase up an invoice. At best, the call feels awkward. At worst, it can damage an important client relationship. Having an integrated credit control process means you don’t have to have those difficult conversations.

Trying to keep on top of your cash flow is a common issue for many businesses. It might be that you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to execute effective credit control. That’s where your Right Hand comes in. We respect your client relationships and take the fear out of credit control. Our credit control process is designed around your financial needs and integrates naturally into your existing business framework.

Our service includes
Create a Credit Control Process
Regular Statements of Account
Payment Reminders
Chase Outstanding Debts
Drive Electronic Payments
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