VAT Returns Help Management

Do you need online VAT help? From registration through to submission- we can provide a complete VAT service. We will produce your VAT return and submit online within the time structure issued by the HMRC.

A VAT return is an HMRC tax form you file to show how much VAT you are due to pay the Revenue. If you have reached the VAT threshold as a business you have to submit a VAT return even if you don’t have any VAT to pay or reclaim. Your VAT return must contain your total sales and purchases for the VAT period. The amount of VAT your business owes and can reclaim, and what your VAT refund is. HMRC has moved to all VAT returns [link to:] to be submitted online through your accounting software.

In simple terms the VAT rates consist of, standard (20%), reduced (5%) and zero rate (0%). You can’t always reclaim VAT on purchases, for example for entertainment
There are penalties for errors in your VAT return, if you want to know more always use the government website as a first resource. Read the HMRC VAT Guide. [link to:]

Do you need VAT advice, as a Quickbooks ProAdvisor managing VAT online is second nature to us. We offer flat fees and personalised quotes for your online VAT management needs.

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